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First published in Otherwise engaged Literary and Art Journal volume 8 Edited by Marzia Dessi in Dec 2021

The day the world began

it began for me no other.

I was the man

the chosen one

alone apart from God,

and that garden.

I wandered from tree to bush

bush to tree

never seeing anyone,

let alone like me.

I felt water on my face

a salty trace from cheek

to mouth.

Tasted loneliness,

sent a silent plea

to fill the space in my heart.

Woke to find

an unknown face in front of me,

with hands and feet

and lips that spoke,

broke the silence

with her name.

Lilith1, she whispered

in seductive tones,

a cold wind

blew through Eden

1 Lilith was a female demon and allegedly Adam’s first wife


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