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  • christine

The Doubting Nun

When you listen you also need to discriminate don’t just accept everything you hear. Indeed, sometimes what you are told can lead to a crisis in what is essentially your faith or your beliefs. It is just such a crisis of faith which is addressed in the next poem.


I renounce these lying robes.

I reject the Convent’s hold.

I no longer want to prattle,

And hear my words rattle.

In empty halls

Filled, with unanswered calls

Should I feel for my well of Faith?

No, it’s just too late.

Its arid and it’s dry.

Its meaningless to even try.

No miracle will it fill.

God, this is a bitter pill.

Why do I call your name again?

Is it that my heart is filled with shame?

Do I really renounce your name?

Now, I’m down on bended knee

Please, oh Please Lord, forgive me.

This poem was first published in the Gentian Journal Issue 6, Durham University Poetry Society June 2020.


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