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  • christine

Fallen Angel

I saw this photo on facebook and had some fun with it.


Gabrielle was puffing on a joint

her angel wings askew,

her sisters were watching

in trepidation

as she broke all the rules.

But Gabrielle was on a trip

only she could see,

floating on the fumes

far away from

where no one else could be.

Riding high above the woods

as the other angels looked

they realised, that Gabrielle

was well and truly hooked.

What would Saint Peter say

and all the other saints?

To see such blatant disregard

that left the rules quite scarred.

But Gabrielle was out of her mind

on her smoky drug fuelled ride.

She had no thought of her boss

or how he would be shocked.

When at last she came back to earth

she let out such a curse

it called the Devil to her side

to take her for his angel bride.


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