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  • christine

The Man

This says it all some people just don’t change


I have a voice

I scream and shout

I have a hissy fit

And let it all out

I have a voice

I mumble and whine

I tell everyone

What’s mine is mine

I have a voice

That’s lying and false

I dish out untruths

As if they’re glasses of wine

I have a voice

That even I don’t believe

But that doesn’t stop me

From doing as I please

I have a voice

That’s as smooth as glass

I open my mouth

And then I react

I have a voice

That when I’m under attack

Mumbles and fumbles

And goes piffle paff

I have a voice

That’s never known a truth

Even my name is not my own

But one I invented to set a false tone

I have a voice

I can’t do wrong I boast

As I dish out nonsense

With a dash of false hope

I have a voice

Which is filled with ambition

Unfortunately for us

it’s come to fruition

I have a voice

But no moral code

I don’t care about you

In my world it’s not ‘a la mode’

I have a voice

And I say what I like

I’m a master of the U turn

Even though I’m not very bright

I have a voice

I don’t care what it says

I live in a fantasy land

But it’s you lot who will have to pay.

I have a voice

Do I need to tell you who I am?

I’ll spell it out then

I’m your very own man

Still none the wiser

Well neither am I

I’m your buffoon of choice

With hair like a mop

I’m your number one man

I’m right at the top

Listen to my voice

I’m your PM you lot.

You’ll do as you’re told

My voice tells you so

Or I’ll scream

Or I’ll shout

And you’ll never get me out

I’m Boris you chumps

Your very own British toff

Your Bullington boy

With not a lot up top


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