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My eyes focus on pictures

engraved upon my heart,

as I see the dark night

filled with anguish.

You stood hesitantly there,

paused with head bowed

before the fall.

No sound until the splash

that broke the night.

Down to the depths

and mud below

there you rested from all your pain,

no failure there, or blame.

I see this picture in my eyes,

I was not there at the time,

but; now it replays again

and again.

I feel the cold that you must have felt.

See the darkness in your heart

now, all I have left

is the thought, of who to blame.

I carve his name upon his door

saying here lives a murderer

of my love.

I smear it with the blood

from my veins

and lie down in my pain.

I wait until he does appear.

Then I slide upright

and stare into his dark, brown eyes,

the man that wrecked my true loves life.

I pull a knife from in my pocket

and slice his chest,

in precise precision;

and carve his heart out

from its nest.

He took my heart.


I take his.

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