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  • christine


This is a poem I wrote for World Ocean day and came about when I was wondering if God created the world and man what did he think about what we had done to the Ocean.

God celebrated the ocean’s flow

filled with life even way down low

the crucible of all that followed

filled him with pride

and hope for the morrow

On the seventh day as he rested

he felt the earth was truly blessed

at first this was so

but as the years went

and the population of the world did grow

they forgot the blessing they’d been given

the earth and oceans

without thought

used just as a resource

until the life within the ocean

was choking and drowning in toxic waste

as mankind’s contempt and lack of care

created pollution everywhere

on the earth and in the air

and the ocean only filled with death

so when god finally turned back

he did not anger

he did not rage

he just pulled the plug

and ended all that ever was

except the oceans newly cleaned

so he could once more fulfil his dream


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