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Ode to a Pee Funnel

Ode to a Pee Funnel is a true story. It’s my and my husband’s caravan and he really did make this adaptation. This poem was first published on 12th August 2021 by

Alan’s caravan was the apple of his eye

It was a 1979 beauty

And only ←----------→ this wide

It had nowt of this modern rubbish

It was retro through and through

But there was one adaptation

He was really proud to use

It was a plastic funnel

Set up at just the right height

And the circumference you know

Was really not to tight

With wiggle room to spare

So when he stood there

And let it all hang out

There was only sound of running ‘water’

And moans of delight

And when the last drops were shaken

And everything tucked back in place

He was often heard to murmur

That’s a cracking thing I’ve made.

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