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  • christine

The Blackbird

I was rooting for the blackbird as he fought tirelessly to protect his nest as I watched through my window.

The life and death flight

of the blackbird game and bright,

like a spitfire pilot

diving in breath defying speed

to attack its enemy

pitiless and bold.

His defiant cries breaching

the skies

Fuck off, you raiders of the nest.

He shrieked at the harrying

magpie thieves with their incessant raids.

They twice the size and four times as mean

but still the blackbird undeterred,

rallied in his struggle as

the dog fight in the air continued on.

In desperation as the blackbird fought

his tattered plumage torn and pecked

to save his young.

Until, at last the warriors dropped out of sight

their cries faded into the afternoon skies.

As once more, my garden

returned to its uneasy peace

with natures battles hidden from my eyes.


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