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  • christine

Footprints in the Rock

This is about our impermanence in the greater scheme of things.


Footprints in the sand, the Great Ocean Drive.
Footprints in the Rock

Footprints in the rock, of

long ago giants gone.

Reminders of what once was,

etched in stone.

Magma underneath, still

rumbling with the heat,

that warmed the feet of that

passing giant.

The sky above still filled with clouds

and sun that strides anew each day.

The night time hours still moonlit bright,

and stars that hide and flicker

with intermittent silvery light.

As each of us tread through time

an instant, one blink and then…

No footsteps of ours

remain behind, we disappear like grains of sand

washed and thrown by the winds of time.


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