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This starts off as tongue in cheek, but conveys a real message that there is a vibrant life after menopause.


Menopause Poem - Christine Fowler

My undercarriage has slipped

My tits have taken a trip

My temperature is high

My mood it has taken a dip

I feel invisible

Except when I sweat

and drip

Each night in bed I’m

forced to strip

Not to chill but to cool

And I often feel a fool

As I cry for no reason

Whatever the season


I’m a woman

Who can

Overcome biology

I refuse to hide

Or abide by my hormones

Or see life as a trauma

I’ll stand tall

And I stand proud

As I invest in my role

As free from control

Of periods

And taxes

On ’lady products’

And girly packaging

I proudly buy

Tweezers’ for my chin hair

I don’t give a care

As I go out and about

Look out world

She’s out

I’m menopausal

And proud to

Shout out

My time is now.


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