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  • christine


"Prompted by an article about cliff erosion gradually destroying a village. Could also be an analogy about the Labour party!"


Perched on faltering footings

Leaning perilously over

The foaming waves below,

Its dead eyed windows

Broken, creaked and groaned,

As the wind blew

In heaving gusts,

Loosening bricks

As crumbling stone

Peeled away

Forsaken cliffs.

The encroaching seas

Smashed and foamed,


Until in one final


The perching house,

Shook and cracked.

Slabs of no longer

Knitted bricks

In heavy lurches

Judder free.

Only to sink

Beneath the waves


Pulling the next one

In the terrace queue

As tip toeing

It took its place,

Eradicating signs of past lives

Once lived.

Now only the disquiet

Echoes of children’s voices

Pierced the wind,

Heard only

By the seagulls

Soaring overhead

As the heightening waves

Rose in vertiginous folds,

Piled in swishing,

Salty, scum filled

Swamping, swirls

Dashing endlessly,


Beneath the trembling


Once House

And Home.


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