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  • christine

The Vampire’s Lament

This is one I wrote last year, and I had great fun recording it for Halloween.

Buttercups and Daisies

Feast on my bones,

Sucking out juices

And leaving the rest alone.

I scratch at my coffin

I gnaw at its sides,

I thump and I kick

But remain inside.

Its no joy being a vampire,

When you can’t get out.

You’re left to suck your own blood

Before, it gets dry.

My flesh it has shrivelled

My nails, have grown long.

I wish this coffin

Would be a home

To voracious wood worm,

Whose teeth were so strong

They would chomp through my coffin

Then when there was nothing

I’d burst out all skin and bone

And flesh that is rotten

Now it’s your turn to stay

Locked in at your home

As each night I wander and roam

Then feast on the people I meet on the street,

And guzzle and gnaw until I’m replete.

Then to recap each night I’d repeat,

Until I’m full and I’m fat and juicy with blood,

Then I’ll be Queen, of your Neighbourhood.


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