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  • christine

Gaia’s Cry

This is a warning cry our Earth is not going to take much more of our abuse.

Feel my sorrow

Feel my pain

When you ravage me again.

Feel my anger

Feel my rage

As war on me you wage.

See my scars

See my shame

As you leave me forever maimed.

See my torn body

See my life’s blood

As you grind me in the mud.

Hear my thunder

Hear my lightening crack

As a result of all your attacks.

Hear my heart beat

Hear its thud

Soon it will be my turn to grind you in the mud

Know my purpose

Know my mind

You are truly not man KIND

Know my rancour

Know my plans

I will never give in to your demands.

Taste my bile

Taste my sweat

Know I never will forget.

Taste my vengeance

Taste my strength

I will go to any length

I am Gaia

I am your home

Now please take this warning

And leave me alone.


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