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  • christine


This poem called I’m Not was prompted by reading an article which talked about how the ‘DICK’tionary had many words that only described women in derogatory terms, terms which had no matching male counterparts.

I’m not a bitch

A bag, a nag or a hag

Not a ho, a crone

Or a witch.

I’m not a servant

Or a piece,

A little woman

Or a filly to be ridden

Or even a frilly girly.

Not a mistress, a madam

Or even a dominatrix.

Not a bint or a cat,

A harridan, a baggage

Or a cow.

A lady, a babe or baby

A pet, a duck

Or a piece of fluff.

I’m none of these things

So yet,

Why am I demeaned, undervalued?

Often not seen?

Sometimes handled, petted and touched

I’m not an object

A slave or a slag

A slattern, a doll or a trollop.

Neither a bit of stuff,

A trout or a tart

A jade, a shrew or a harpy,

I’m not a silly goose or a chit

A bimbo, a bird or a honey,

Neither a skank a twat or a cunt.

Although I do possess one of those

It’s fair to say.

But I’m more than that,

Not a piece of ass,

A scrubber, a frump

Or a fox.

I’ll shout it loud and clear

To ensure you hear.

I’m none of the above.

I chose

not to be dependent

Or beholding

Or an appendage as

A wo-MAN,

A fe-MALE,

Or per-SON.

I have a name

Which I own and accept

So, use some respect.

No pet names

Diminutives or

Otherwise reducing,

Minimising or denying,

My right to be who



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