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  • christine

Man’s Legacy

Turgid waves thick with oil and muck

shrink wrapped in plastic

matted rafts blocked the light

as mobile dead zones spreading across the seas.

As man took, and took

and took some more

so, all that was left was to harvest death.

Until at last, all become just one large liquid tomb,

as Earth’s cradle of life

was a coffin made.

The wind howled and raged

over this dead, ocean grave,

as Gods cries of anguish and of pain

filled the air, with his despair.

As he looked down at what he made

that, was no longer there.

No fishy life small or large

and sea birds long gone, and rotten.

Just plastic tangled matts of loss

as, Gods tears fell in the waves

and filled the sea with his pain, and rage.

Until, it overflowed the land

and flooded all the earth,

laying waste to all beneath

as years, and years, fled and ran.

But there was no return of man,

the plastic waste the only sign

of once life lived, on this planet

destroyed, by man.


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