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  • christine


The scene after the population has been decimated after nuclear war which targets people and leaves buildings/resources behind.

I see this tower

Impenetrable and grey

With harsh cold concrete

Stark and eyeless

In a landscape bleak

With riven clouds

In a barren world

Filled with white, greys and black

And no relief

Where my eyes are sore

From acidic smoke

And no birds fly

In a world with broken trees

Whilst under foot

The earth beneath crunchies

With debris polished

By the heat

Whilst only brazen rats

Remain in hidden holes

Shared with cockroaches

Bold and rattling bones

Smeared with smoke

And transparent worms

Far beneath infect the soil

With mutant genes

And hairless moles

With eyeless stares

Gobble and snaffle

Whilst inside the tower

In boxes contained

In airless surrounds

Where dust remains

Still and unmoving

In mounds on the floor

No sound echoes forth

In this tomb like décor

Where once lived whole families

But now no open doors

Just cold bleak empty

Echoless floors

No sounds of children playing

Or stench of urine stinging

No broken shopping trolleys

Abandoned with wheels spinning

No gangs of lads with faces grinning

Or catcalls, the smell of gancha

Floating through the air

No population

Unless you count the piles of dust

Beneath the smears on the wall

Which once was the reception hall

This all but dead world

Breathed no sigh of relief

It had all but nothing

To bequeath

The little life that did remain

Was left terminally maimed

Until at last the sun

Shone once more

And in its final blast

The earth was purified at last.


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