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  • christine


Xmas greetings one and all

from Santa’s festive hall,

packed with toys,

chocolate treats

and lots of nice things to eat.

Rudolph and his reindeer chums

smiling broadly as they hum,

Xmas carols filled with words of joy

to gladden the heart of each girl and boy.

Santa’s sleigh now filled to the brim,

bulging bags surrounded by a festive trim.

Sleigh bells jingle as off they fly

sailing high, in the night time sky.

Now all presents safely delivered

no more reason, to feel shivered.

Santa’s warm in the fire’s glow

as he toasts his once cold toes.

Mrs Santa smiles at the job well done

as, she hands him his festive bun,

stuffed with mouth-watering flavours

his reward, for all his labours.


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